WE ARE  Unapologetic 

The Future of Fashion

The earth has suffered long enough from rampant overproduction and wasteful sampling practices and we are here to change it! As the first AI-Driven fashion house, FINESSE leverages a series of proprietary AI algorithms, coupled with your weekly votes, to determine what to produce and exactly how much to produce of that style - avoiding overproduction and eliminating waste in the process. By hyper-optimizing the fashion supply chain - from inception to finished product - FINESSE ethically creates the sickest fits more effectively & more cost efficiently than the rest of the industry, allowing us to get our baddies fitted in the hottest designs at affordable prices.

F*ck gender norms, f*ck beauty standards and f*ck the status quo - as a company with majority female & LGBTQ leadership, FINESSE rejects the age-old, outdated notions of what is considered beautiful. You ARE beautiful the way you are - in every way you are - and we at FINESSE strive to create fashion for everyBODY. Our current sizing ranges from XS-3X - with more sizing in the works - and if you believe you could be our next face, shoot us a message!

Sustainable Fits That Never Miss via AI

Trailblazing the future of fashion, FINESSE utilizes AI and your votes to create the hottest fits - making unique pieces that are guaranteed to make you stand out πŸ’…

Size Inclusive up to 3X

Going from XS to 3X on all products with more coming quite soon, we make sure that all you baddies get what you deserve. We’ve got something for everyone πŸ’•

Sustainable? That’s Hot.

We understand the assignment: make the fits hot, not our planet. We make sure to never overproduce by finding the hottest trends with AI and only making the fits you voted on at the right amount. Our sustainable product packaging is a plus πŸ˜‰